School Hours

Start Time

8:30 am Doors open for class registration

Lunch Time

11:30-12:30pm – Preschool and class 1

12:00pm – 1:00pm – classes 2 – 5

End of the Day/ Home time

3:00pm –Preschool and Key Stage 1

3:10 pm – Key Stage 2

Total time in a typical week = 32 hours and 30 minutes

Soft Start

At The Pochin School, we operate a ‘soft start’ to the school day. This means that class teachers open the doors for pupils at 8:30am, so that they can come into school and settle before lessons start at 8:45 am. We do this as it has been proven to support transitions from home to school and help children to regulate prior to engaging in learning.

Between 8:30 and 8.45am, pupils engage in Early Morning Learning. This may be engaging in arithmetic activities, responding to feedback and extending their prior learning through recall, retrieval or retention activity. It may also be handwriting practise, quiet reading activities, times table practices or spelling practise. Staff members may also do small intervention work during this time in the classrooms.

The member of staff welcoming children into the playground and school will close the gates and ensure the doors are locked at 8:45am. Registers will be taken in class at 8.45am. If pupils are not in school by 8:45 am, they will need to enter school through the Reception area and sign in the late book. This will then be logged on our attendance information.

If you arrive early, please ensure your children are not left in the playground unsupervised until a member of staff come out on duty. The gates to the school playground will open at 8:25am.

Please also be aware that doors open outwards.

End of Day

The school day ends at 3:00/3:10pm. Preschool, Class 1 and Class 4 are collected from the classroom doors. Classes 2,3 and 5 are collected from the small playground.

We understand that sometimes things don’t always go to plan; should you be late to collect your child, they will be walked round to the office by their class teacher or a Teaching Assistant. Regular late collections will be addressed through a meeting with the Head Teacher.

School Gates

The school gates are opened in the morning between 8:25am – 8:45am and in the afternoon between 2:55pm – 3:30pm.

Please do not drive onto the school site or turn your car around on the village Hall drive way.