School History

From the late 1700’s the Pochin family provided a School Master for ten of the infant poor of Barkby. The image on the right shows Mr William Pochin MP, one of the original founders of the school.

Later, the family provided the present school buildings and owned them until the implementation of the 1944 Education Act, at which time the family gave the site and buildings to the Education Authority.

The present building was opened in July 1869 and was enlarged in 1894. The accommodation was for 55 Juniors and 31 Infants.

The Church, through the National Society, assisted in the running of the school by, from time to time, paying for the coal to heat the school.

The subjects taught were the 3Rs, needlework, drill, object lessons and singing.

In 1964, the Village Hall was hired as an extra class room for the Middle Juniors, and since 1968 the former Headteacher’s cottage, and in 1974, a further cottage, previously used by the Assistant Teacher, were included in the school buildings, providing teaching space, office and storage areas, and a library.

In 1978 a mobile classroom was added to provide accommodation for another class as the numbers in the school reached a record level and a further teacher was employed.

In the 1980’s this was further expanded to a double mobile unit and another teacher.

In November 2010 two new classrooms were added to the main school and the Village Hall stopped being used as a classroom and is now used for dinners, assemblies and PE.

By November 2011 the mobiles were demolished and a new permanent classroom built.

By November 2013 new admin offices, PTA cupboard, Costume cupboard and enlarged staffroom were completed.

In January 2015, the kitchen built in 1946, was demolished and a new kitchen opened.

Now there are approximately 160 children in the school, and 25 staff.

Our School, circa 1900. Older children with their teacher Miss Coote.

Children from 1945, with parcels from Australia.

Extracts from the School Log Books

Here are some interesting moments in our school history, recorded in ‘log books’ which have been kept over the years:

  • 10 October 1917
    Session given to collecting blackberries for war effort. Weather bad. 26lb collected.
  • 15 October 1917
    Staff holiday given, further 34lb of blackberries collected. Sent to food dept to make jam for Army and Navy.
  • 4 July 1918
    School closed for one week, teachers prepare ration books for Barkby and Barkby Thorpe, house holders to get books on Friday 12 July.
  • 11 November 1918
    Vicar brought news of armistice, holiday in afternoon.
  • 25 February 1943
    First wireless installed.
  • 14 October 1945
    Parcels of food sent to Barkby School from Australia.
  • 24 January 1945
    Twelve more parcels arrived from Australia. Total of 46.
  • 6 May 1946
    First school dinners served.
  • 6 September 1953
    Telephone in school installed. Before telegrams had to be sent to the Post Office.