On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school. The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils.

Sharpe H1

Mrs Sharpe
by Jessica


Mrs Brown

Mrs Partridge Pictures

Mrs Partridge

by Jessica

Chapman S1

Mrs Chapman
by Olivia

Mrs Gatward By Pippa

Miss Griffith

Hall X1

Ms Hall
by Alayna

Hill L1

Mrs Hill
by Yagna

Holmes X1 Copy

Mrs Holmes
by Orla

Miss Parker By Neevah

Miss Kirk

Miss Gibbins By Autumn A

Mrs Pepper

Howkins X1

Mrs Howkins
by Grace

King K1

Mrs King
by Jasmin

Lakin C1

Mrs Lakin
by Mollie

Miss Toon By Savannah

Miss Toon by Savannah

Miss Hayward By Shanneya 21.02.2022

Mrs Carr

Poynter H1

Mrs Sykes


Mrs Seymour
by Pippa

Miss Evans By Isla Mae

Miss Evans
by Isla – Mae

Watts V1

Mrs V Watts
by Yagna


Mrs Southwell
by Jia

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs Sharpe Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Southwell Class 5 Teacher  Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Miss Evans Class 4 Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Miss Kirk Class 3 Teacher
Miss Toon Class 2 Teacher
Mrs Partridge Class 1 Teacher (EYFS and Year 1)
Miss Griffith Learning Support Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs King Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor
Mrs Lakin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sykes Learning Support Assistant
Miss Hall Learning Support Assistant,
Mrs Chapman Learning Support Assistant, Kiss and Drive, Midday Supervisor, Before School Assistant, Premises Officer
Mrs Watts Kiss and Drive, Kitchen Assistant, Before School Assistant, Premises Officer
Mrs Holmes Preschool Manager, Before and After School Supervisor, Designated Safeguarding Deputy
Miss Howkins Teaching Assistant Pre-School, Before and After School Assistant
Mrs Brown SENDCO
Miss Jackson Cook
Mrs Seymore Midday Supervisor
Mrs Pepper Office Manager
Miss Shilton Administrative Assistant
CEL Sports Coaches Sports Coach
Mrs Bailey Midday Supervisor
Mrs Bell PPA Teacher