Min Y Don – Year 6 Residential

Thursday was a day of climbing; high ropes, rocks and towers! There’s a few more pictures of the final day at Min Y Don from the crushed camera when the memory card arrives back in school

Our final evening at Min Y  Don has come. The children have had enormous fun, supporting each other and making lots of memories. We are really proud of each one and the way they have embraced each opportunity. They have been kind and considerate at all times. The final pictures will go on over the weekend. In the meantime you can guess who is the crate climbing champion? Who tried 3 different vegetables and lived to tell the tale? Who are the champion haggis catchers? Who ate the most toast?

Get ready for the washing bags!

Another great day. Crate climbing, rock climbing, abseiling and the climbing towers. The children had a ball!

The photos are being particularly slow to upload so more will follow!

The last of Wednesday’s pictures. Obviously taken at night so they are dark.

Lots of tired children who were asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed! They loved their messages from home and applauded each one. Thankyou to all who sent them so quickly.

 Some more of today’s pictures. Lots of people are very confident their parents wouldn’t have managed this walk! Our campfire pictures will go on later.

What a great day Wednesday has been! The weather has been glorious allowing us to enjoy canoeing, climbing and a spectacular walk. Soon we are off to  a campfire! More pictures to follow!