Class 5’s Homework challenges

We have worked extensively over the last few weeks to ensure all children can use an efficient formal method to multiply and divide. Many of the children forget the algorithm and need to practice it daily at home. Here’s how they should be working it out. Their times tables knowledge is essential.

Model Long Division

Homework Master Spring 2023 1


Each child has been given a new homework book. They are expected to have it in school on Friday when we will mark their work together.  Research shows that children’s recall and retention of key knowledge and skills is strengthened by regular opportunities to revisit learning. The activities planned are intended to consolidate their understanding of learning from all of KS2 as well as Class 5.  For some children, the tasks may be given in smaller sections to help personal organisation. For any children struggling to manage their time at home, I am happy for them to spend a short time at lunchtime working on their homework or using the school technology if access to the internet and devices is tricky at home. Please encourage them to plan when they will complete each task if you notice they are struggling with time management.

On  February 12th, we will be sharing the children’s projects during our homework celebration.

Thankyou for the support children are receiving at home.