Class 5 Gallery of Glory!

Today we travelled back in time to Friday 1st September 1939 to welcome our evacuees. The children looked fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed learning about how evacuation and rationing affected life on the Home Front. They used their DT skills to cut, mix, bake and evaluate a range of recipes using ingredients available at the time. The vegetable turnovers proved to be the surprising hit!

The class visited Barkby Cemetery to pay tribute to those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars. This was an opportunity for them to see the grave of George Newton whose journey back to Barkby from Canada to fight in the war they had learned about earlier in the year, as well as the graves of Ralph Tomlinson- an ex Pochin pupil, Guy Fernsby and Jock Milton.

We had glorious weather for our Beaumanor visit and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to tackle some big challenges and build confidence. All of the children tried really hard to do something out of their comfort zone- well done!

Welcome to Class 5.

It’s been great to meet you all and see you settle in so well!

We enjoyed securing our understanding of negative numbers by playing this strategy game and aiming to get 3 counters in a row whilst blocking our partner!