Class 5 Gallery of Glory!

Check out our amazing bakers! We really enjoyed sharing their amazing cakes and biscuits and think they all did incredibly well.

Well done Alayna, Autumn, Rian, Rhea, Niam, Niamh, Krish, Isaac, Lyla, Tula  and Arya! They are all winners and particularly impressed us with their independence, organisation and creativity. However after the closest vote ever, Rhea-Ella’s iced fairy cake was voted the tastiest! Well done Rhea-Ella!

We loved sharing our learning with our parents this week and were delighted that so many were able to come and see how hard we’ve been working.

The children surpassed themselves with their efforts at home building 3D River models. We were particularly impressed with their ingenuity and independence with many of them making their models with very little help. We all enjoyed sampling the edible ones too! Well done everyone!

We are so proud of our award winners! Click on each photo to see it full size.

We have been learning about rivers; how they are formed and why they matter to the water cycle. We made models of a river’s journey and challenged ourselves to use geographical language to describe as many river features as we could.

We enjoyed celebrating books on World Book Day 2022. The children impressed me with their book knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed story time with Mrs Gatward and reminiscing about their favourite first stories.

The ancient Maya introduced us to the delicious drink of hot chocolate although theirs was a spicier drink than the one we enjoy today. We designed and made our own clay drinking cups. we began with a clay thumb pot before adding a clay collar. Once the pots are air dried, we will paint them and add a typical Maya logogram.

As part of our French learning, we have been practising using the names for amounts up to one euro and asking for things sold in a bakery or French cafe. Tout le monde a aimé gérer notre propre café français !

As part of our learning about the Maya civilisation, we read the legend of  Princess Ixmucane who received a special gift from the Sun God which allowed her to solve any problem a human could worry about. These worry dolls represent the princess and her wisdom and are given to anxious children. Placing a worry doll under the pillow is said to enable them to relinquish their worries to the doll. We made our own.

 We love our new hoodies!

We had an amazing team on our team building day at Beaumanor.

We enjoyed learning about life in World War Two. Here are the recipes we used. Why not try them at home?

Wartime Recipes