Class 4 Gallery of Glory!

Min-Y-Don Residential 2022

On our first afternoon at Min-Y-Don, we had the chance to try out our mountain biking skills.  We completed a skills circuit and then headed off down a trail by the estuary.

On Tuesday morning, we headed up into the high grounds of Min-Y-Don and experienced climbing and abseiling.  Some of us had to overcome our fears and others had the chance to try some of the trickiest routes up the wall!

The children took part in agent training and completed Level 1!

Even Colin the Chameleon had a go!

We became mini Bear Grylls!

Our final day at Min-Y-Don!

Apologies – not all photos from the campfire have uploaded.

2022 – 2023 ACADEMIC YEAR

Extreme Earth

As part of our work on natural disasters, we have looked at the layers of the Earth and made our own model sculptures of a volcano – we can’t wait to see them erupt!

We are Scientists!

2021 – 2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

Egyptian Day!

We had a visit from Cleopatra and her scribe, Sati!  This was a great day and we learnt all about mummification, trading, pyramid build and Egyptian storytelling.


Pyramid Building

Egyptian Games

Year 5 Residential – Min Y Don (October 2021)

The Year 5 children had a wonderful week in Wales at the Min Y Don Residential Centre.  Check out ‘School Events’ on the ‘Latest News’ tab on the website for all the photos from the week!

Family Projects

Take a look at some of our PHENOMENAL work that the children and families have done at home linking to our Stone Age topic!

Take a look at Orla’s amazing PowerPoint all about the . . .


What have we been up to in class?!

Take a look at some of the photos of our learning  . . .

We have been learning all about place value and improving our problem solving skills by working systematically.

This half term we have Miss Wickwar coming in from Roundhill to do some drama workshops.  Over the course of the term, we will be looking at the Shakespeare play, Macbeth!  Have a look at some of our freeze frames from out first session:

Our main topic for this half term is the Stone Age to the Iron Age – we have been focusing on historical timelines and how we know about history – more photos to come!

We all took part in a Stone Age day where we got to work with a real-life archaeologist, Ian.  Throughout the day, we did an archaeological excavation and much more!  Take a look at some of the photos!

We have also been studying ‘States of Matter’ in Science!  We love getting hands on and taking part in experiments!  Did you know that carbon dioxide adds mass to fizzy drinks?! Take a look at us investigating the amount of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks!

In DT, we have been practising our Food Technology skills – here we are using the bridge and claw technique to cut fruit and vegetables! Some of the children had to core an apple – a little tricky!  We combined all our ingredients to make a seasonal vegetable broth and a stone age stewed dessert!