Class 2 Gallery of Glory!

We are proud of our children, their love of learning and achievements in school. Please scroll below to see the learning that has taken place in class 2 this academic year.

Spring 1 2023

Spring 1 Home projects

This term, some of Class 2 have designed models of a castle, labelled the features of a castle, used a computer to design castles, used 2D shapes to make castles and some have visited a local castle or written a story including one.

Weather Reports

We really enjoyed writing about the weather. We recorded the weather prior to writing our report and researched the weather predictions, to support our factual weather report of Barkby. Some of us chose to perform our weather reports and read them with great expression (which were good as those you see on TV).

Computing Bee-Bots

We learnt how to create a sequenced algorithm for the Bee-Bots to follow. In groups we created our own mats for the Bee-Bots to travel around, predict the outcomes of a sequence, avoid obstacles on the mat and debug algorithms.

DT Linkages

It Design & Technology, we have been exploring moving mechanisms. We learnt how to make linkages using split pins as a pivot, then went on to create a moving monster toy to meet our criteria.

Science Everyday Materials

Autumn 2 2022

Autumn 2 Home projects

This term, some of Class 2 have designed a healthy family picnic, poster for a day trip, priced up a family trip, labelled a map of the UK and many more fantastic pieces of work.

Christmas 2022

We’ve really enjoyed the festive period this year with our fantastic nativity, Tales from a Rocking Chair, Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner, panto and lots of Christmas crafts!

Brussel Sprout picking 2022

We were invited again to Roots Farm to learn a bit more about where our brussel sprouts come from. We picked them, took them back to school and peeled them so we could enjoy them on our school Christmas dinner.

Computing – pictograms

In computing this term, we have looked at data and how it it can be presented. We learnt how to collect data in a tally chart, what an attribute is and how to use this information to create a pictogram and similar charts.

STEM afternoon

We were lucky enough to have a parent come into Class 2 and deliver a STEM afternoon. We enjoyed exploring structures, considering the importance of shape in design and straw rockets, learning about energy.

Formal elements of art

We have completed our own rubbings, teared them up and used them for the frottage technique of creating a textured piece of  work.

Geography UK 

This afternoon we spent time looking at the four countries that make up the UK. We explored the flags, national symbols, capital cities and geographical locations. We also enjoyed trying a little treat from each country.

DT Healthy wrap

We spent the afternoon learning about the different food groups and what makes a balanced diet. We then enjoyed tasting food combinations, deigning our healthy wrap and eating our final product. We evaluated the appearance and taste after we’d finished eating it.

Fireman visit

We had two visits from the local fire service to talk to us about fire safety, evacuation plans and how to contact them if needed.

Autumn 1 2022

Autumn 1 Home Projects

We have enjoyed making 3D houses, completing tally charts of homes in our area, creating house images using a computer and many more activities with our families.

DT Moving Story Books

We have worked really hard when creating our moving story books. We had to use our Pochin value of ‘perseverance’ when making the intricate slots for our sliders.

Art and Design Skills 

We have explored a range of techniques including: printing patterns in clay tile, weaving a picture and painting a plate inspired by artist Clarice Cliff.

Types of houses

To start our new English unit we went around the village again to see the different types of homes in the village. We looked at a range of houses, including: detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. The facts we have learnt will help us to  write our reports.

History of houses and homes

On our village walk we were able to discover the history of houses in Barkby, learning that some date back to 100s of years ago. We were lucky enough to be invited into the Pochin’s house, to learn that it was originally built in the Elizabethan times. We also sound out that a family ancestor built around the original house to increase it’s size.

English – Traditional Tales

Decorating gingerbread men to inspire our writing.

Inspired by Beautiful Oops – Barney Saltzberg 

“Turn a mistake into something beautiful”

Archive 2021-2022

Spring 2 – 2022

DT puppets

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Our Science topic this term was plants. We spent our science lessons learning about the structure of plants, what plants need for growth and watching our own plants grow.

Spring 1 – 2022

Topic – Blast Off!

A space themed afternoon learning all about the lives of astronauts.

Our amazing homework projects!

Art – Sculptures and collages


In science we have been learning about the differences between the four seasons. We used our knowledge to create a beautiful picture which shows each season, what the trees look like and what we would wear.

RE – Special books

We all enjoyed sharing our special book with our Class 2 friends. We now understand why some religions share a special book.

Autumn 2 – 2021

Christmas Jumper Day 2021

Brussel sprout picking

We went for a walk to Roots Farm to pick brussels. Then we brought them back to school to peel and prepare them ready for our Christmas dinner  where the whole school will enjoy eating them!

Recycled materials model of the school

The children created these at home made out of recycled materials which links to our science topic of everyday materials.

Winter walk

The children went on a walk to post our letters home and we took the opportunity to observe the changes in the weather.

Diwali Day

Diwali Day – Kids’ cam

The children had the iPads out so they could capture pictures of our special day. It links perfectly to our computing topic of photography where the children learnt how to take different photographs, including selfies and action shots.

Autumn 1 – 2021

Fireman visit

Bakery visit

Class 2 Great Fire

Class 2 2021-22

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