Class 1 Gallery of Glory!

Spring 1

We are proud of our children, their love of learning and achievements in school. Please scroll below to see the learning that has taken place in class 1 this academic year.

In Autumn 2 we are starting by learning about materials and their properties. We have been busy builders in our building site and doing rubbings of different natural materials. We tested materials to see if they were absorbent or waterproof. We also tested which materials made good boats. We have also been learning about the Funnybones stories which then led us into our Halloween explorations. We have also celebrated Diwali with lots of colourful fun!

Autumn 1 is all about getting to know you. We have been getting to know our new room, our new school and all our new friends. We have learnt about our super selves, our body and our 5 senses. We are now learning about real life super heroes and thoroughly enjoyed the fire engine visit. We looked at the uniform and equipment, climbed in the fire engine and even sprayed the hose! We have really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and learning about bread which would have been baked a long time ago after a visit from our local baker. We finished the term with a fabulous trip to Beaumanor Hall and had a wonderful day of adventures.

Archive Class of 2020-2021 Pictures

For the final Summer term Class 1 are off on their hollibobs! For our wow starter, we put on our holiday clothes, packed our bags and went to the airport. After our journey we wnjoyed an ice lolly in our school garden to celebrate travelling to India. We have also enjoyed a dance lesson from Mrs Lakhani (thank you!) and loved performing our dance. This week we have been looking at how people live in India and thought about people who had no home. We tried making our own home to think about how it might feel and we found ti was harder than it looked! The children were very thoughful and considerate throughout this activity. Recently, the children have had Mendhi on their hands (thank you Mrs Pancholi!) and learnt about the weather in India.

This Summer Term we are learning about growing. We shall be planting seeds, learning about The Enormous Turnip and Oliver’s vegetables as well as looking at the beautiful flowers and plants around us. We have looked at measures and worked with numbers up to twenty. We shall be spending lots of time in our new school garden as well as watching ourselves grow as well. To support Mental Health Awareness week we made 3D gardens. Class 1 have  been spotted doing some amazing reading too. The children also completed a Walk-a-thon to raise money for our new school garden and enjoyed a delicious ice cream in the garden as their reward! As a fun afternoons, we were also treated to a drumming session and a dance workshop. What a busy half term!

During the Spring Term we adventured through the world of Fairy Tales, learning about Goldilocks, The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk. We also explored the exciting world around us. The class also celebrated The Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day and raised money for Red Nose Day.